Why You Should Train with AHT

  • Training you in your country
  • Crews remain on site
  • Train on familiar aircraft
  • Reduced costs and expenses
  • Contract start-up support and consultation
  • Course material in English and Spanish
  • No aircraft transition time required! - Don’t let anyone tell you that transitioning from the 412 to an R44 for VR training and re-applying this new skill back to a 412 is easy.  This is poorly crafted sales talk, mostly from people who have never done transitions like this.

Unique Training Methods

The methods being used and presented as "coveted tribal knowledge" at virtually all companies and flight training centers has gone the way of the dinosaur. Why? Because we now know how the nervous system, visual to mental processing, muscle memory and the brain learns and retain information. Guidance from education and human behavior specialists has contributed greatly to the development of new teaching methods that accelerate the assimilation of concepts and information. The proof is in the course results and the results are exceptional!  Just look at the student achievements at DELTA Helicopters of St Albert, Alberta Canada in April of 2013.  6 student  pilots ready to go to work in an average of 3 hours flight time each.  Now that is called delivering the goods!

Saving you time and money while meeting your training needs

Have you ever found yourself being told to set a helicopter down on the ground so the instructor can better explain an exercise?

Amidst all the radio chatter and ambient noise have you ever wished you'd been given the information, time and guidance to have fully understood the process and comprehend what was expected of you before embarking on the flight exercise?

Thoroughly being prepared for an exercise would save you stress and expensive hourly aircraft costs. A more effective learning process, like AHT's, saves you time and money and tends to run counter to the objective of a typical helicopter school/training center's quota for selling hours.  

Using the Advanced Helicopter Training method you will achieve a thorough understanding of what to expect and what you will experience during each flight exercise so that when challenged, you'll know how to embark on a remedy now.  

We have personally experienced negative training methods that drag out the learning process and frustrates the trainee.

This is why at AHT we produce a productive, safe Vertical Reference Long-Line plot in 30% to 40% less time than what is allotted by helicopter school/training centers.

All this equals less cost and much less stress and frustration to the pilot/trainee and gets you on the job and turning revenue sooner.

Great Training Leads to Great Careers

AHT has trained pilots and ground crew who now work in the following fields:
  • Seismic
  • Forestry fire fighting
  • Timber Harvesting/Logging
  • Electric utilities
  • Construction
  • Bird towing (Airborne Survey)
  • Mining and mineral exploration
  • Oil and Gas well services
  • Renewable resources

International Experience

AHT Has Served Clients In and From

  • 40 countries
  • 47 nationalities

Mission Statement

The mission of Advanced Helicopter Training is to provide quality training in specialty skills for helicopter operators who wish to upgrade or expand their services so they can participate safely and effectively in the growing marketplace and pursue new ventures. This is done by creating a positive training environment that empowers the employee/student to achieve success with pride and confidence.