Advanced Helicopter Training offers online courses. Below are previews of the courses currently available.

Vertical Reference Long Line External Cargo Ground School

Helicopter Vertical Reference Long Line introduction to advanced ground school and flight exercises This course is presented in a PowerPoint format with embedded video and narration. We will touch on all the areas of the long line skill-set in a building block manner and how to navigate your way through many of the challenges along the road to becoming a career long line pilot. Operation safety is emphasised throughout the course. This course is an excellent tool for company instructor or training pilots. Contact Robert Libby if you are interested in our train the trainer course or any of the other AHT subjects and products.
Allow about 6 hours to complete this course.

AHT Rotary Wing Mountain flying Course

The objective of this course is to provide an informative refresher for experienced mountain pilots and a solid introduction for pilots new to the mountains. You will be provided with examples of best practices for flying a helicopter in varied mountainous terrain, how to read the wind, how flying at altitude can affect you, and how to evaluate different types of landing sites and execute landings and departures.