Vertical Reference Long-Line DVOC Training

This course utilizes a building block training system combining ground-school and flight exercises.  After an initial ground school module and flight preparation an individual pilot interview and evaluation flight is conducted and from this the course is tailored to the students learning style. Ground school is conducted using fully narrated PowerPoint, animated 3D video and DVD presentations with question and answer periods.

Ground school and flights are staged to prepare the student for each flight exercise and followed by debriefing.  Virtually all questions the student might have will be answered in the following ground school course module.  Group discussion introduces the pilot trainee to VR Long-Line concepts and terminology. These discussions stimulate the development of a company VR long-line culture.

Ground- School Time

A half-day is initially dedicated to ground training with the first flight exercises in the afternoon.  An additional 6 hours of ground school is provided in morning session's during the following days.  .

Helicopter Flight Training Time

Flight exercise time depends on the individual trainees external cargo background and industry experience. Using the AHT method of fully preparing the pilot/trainee for each exercise, we frequently find pilots who have never slung before demonstrating impressive levels of load and hook control by 3 hours and others who have some short line slinging experience take less time. This all depends on the individual’s determination to focus on course material and ability to draw on and connect with known skills.  

This course trains a pilot not only how to Long-line but also how to function safely and effectively in the Vertical Reference Long-line business. We also cover how to survive the hazards and pitfalls of this competitive but rewarding work environment. An emphasis is put on safety, proper equipment selection, rigging, inspection of aircraft and sling gear, coordination of ground crew, customer relations and taking command of the working environment.

Teaching you at your base, in your country on the helicopter you will utilize day-to-day will save you time and money.