External Cargo Rigging Training and Equipment Acquisition

Advanced Helicopter Training will provide your pilots, mechanics and ground crew with the methods and reference material to rig cargo loads safely and efficiently.

After an initial course in proper personal safety equipment, hand signals and radio protocol the trainees will cover:

  • Inspection of wire rope, synthetic (spectra) rope.
  • Eyes, thimbles.
  • Connecting devises such as shackles (omegas).
  • Straps, slings and cargo nets.
  • Types of hooks and swivels and when to use them.
  • The securing of connecting devices.

This course will provide the trainee the knowledge to cross reference symbols and charts to determine the required size and carrying capacity of rigging for specific jobs as well as how to inspect determine the condition of and retire equipment if necessary.  

Consultation and contact information for the purchase of slings long-lines, remote hooks, connecting devices, nets and all other related lifting equipment can also be provided.