Your Instructor - Robert Libby CFI

Advanced Helicopter Training is a division of Advanced Aero Marine Systems Ltd and is owned and operated by Robert Libby.

Robert Libby has over 40 years experience in the aviation industry and the following is an outline of his aviation experience. Experience that your company and flight crew can benefit from.

He is a holder of a Canadian ATPLH, (Airline Transport Pilot License Helicopter) a Canadian Commercial Fixed Wing pilot's rating and an FAA Commercial Rotary license and CFI. He has flown over 13500 domestic and international hours in a variety of helicopters with 7000 + hours Vertical Reference Long-Line and 5000+ hours mountain flying and the balance in a number of different rolls. He has been a training pilot for a large part of his career.

In 1975 Robert earned a Commercial license. He then found work at Okanagan Helicopters as a hangar helper, paint stripping and painting helicopters, then gaining experience in operational stores management and maintenance apprentice. Robert later earned a spot in the companies advanced flight training program; a program held at Okanagan Helicopters legendary Mountain Training school in Penticton British Columbia.  In addition to the companies mountain training this particular course was greatly expanded with funding provided by the Canadian government with the goal of bringing a group of 12 low time pilots up to company standards and then placed out in the field working.  During this course virtually all aspects of operations the pilots would encounter in the mountains was covered.  To broaden the course scope, water bucketing, vertical reference long line, float work and many other applications were added. 

Robert has spent much of his career working in remote locations in exploration, forestry and logging. He also did tenure in the cosmopolitan world conducting Aerial Photography, Executive Transport, Tourism and specialty lift operations.

Under Robert's direction AHT has trained pilots in and from Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Britain, Spain, Sweden Norway and Turkey and many more locations.

While being trained by AHT your company will benefit from the years of operational experience Robert possesses. Trainees will depart the AHT courses you select with the knowledge to enter the working environment productivity and safely.