"Llevo tress anos practicando carga externay water bucket con el Sr. Robert Libby y todo ha ido satisfactoriamente he conseguido una superaciónprofesional adecuada y he tenido la oportunidad de hacer trabajos de cargaexterna para comisión federal de electricidad en México le doy gracias a Robertpor haber compartido sus conocimientos de este tipo de trabajo porque todo sucurso esta bien preparado además de que es una persona paciente y sabe sutrabajo. Gracias."

Ricardo Teliz Sanchez
Jefe De Pilotos Transportes Aereos Pagaso
Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

Hola mi nombre es Gilberto Ortiz, soy Mexicano y ya tome varios cursos con el Cap. Robert Liby, entre ellos están los cursos de gancho de carga con linea corta y larga, bamby bucket, y referencia vertical a lo largo de tres años.  En todos los cursos el Cap. Liby demostró ser un instructor perfecciona, capacitado y con mucha experiencia.  Gracias a el y a los cursos que  me dio, ahora estoy trabajando para una compañía mexicana  haciendo vuelos con linea larga y Bambi bucket."

Gilberto Ortiz
Pilot, Long-Line, Firefighting and Off-Shore Transportes Aereos Pegaso
Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico

"I recently completed the VRLL course with AHT at Delta Helicopters. Rob broke the skill down and brought it right back to basics. I learned more in 4 hours with him than I did in 20 hours by myself in the bush. I now feel confident bringing a hook to a hand, and look forward to applying these skills in both the precision and production long-line environments. I have and will continue to recommend this course to friends and colleagues, and I'm hoping the company gets Rob back next year for recurrent training."

Phil Carpenter
Pilot DELTA Helicopters
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

"Hey Rob, awesome course! Learned a ton and it's nice to have a great base of knowledge to work from. To go from zero longline experience to the ability to safely bring a load to its spot and to do so in so little time, the formula works! Thanks again man!"

Logan Fried
DELTA Helicopters
Alberta Canada

"Rob helped me out big time.  I spent half a day on the ground with Rob and it dramatically changed my long lining skills.  Everything is so much easier when you’re aware of everything that is going on with a long line.
Thanks again Rob."

Sean Smyth
Vancouver Island Helicopters Base Pilot
Campbell River BC Canada

"I had the privilege of participating in Rob Libby's long line vertical reference course in April of 2013. It is clear Rob has taken the time to design this course to maximize results through a clear, organized and fun learning curriculum that engages his students. I am truly surprised at my progression throughout this course and it definitely exceeded my expectations! I look forward to long lining with confidence in the future with the skillset and knowledge that I have gained through Mr. Libby's course."

Dave Brown
Pool Pilot
Delta Helicopters

"Robert Libby of Advanced Helicopter Training came to our operation and conducted all of our ground support, short haul, long line, and fire bucket training at our facility and in our aircraft.  He conducted one of the best flight instructional courses that I have ever had the privilege of taking.  Our pilots gained valuable insight into this very precise and demanding type of flying through the vast experience that Robert has had throughout his career.  We received numerous “unwritten” techniques and knowledge in our courses that would normally take years and years to learn on your own. This training is invaluable to anyone considering external load operations!"

Todd Degidio
Director of Operations
Paradigm Helicopters, LLC.
Houston TX.