AHT Online CBT Spanish Long Line Course Now Available

HAI will be presenting 2 courses at the Heliexpo in Dallas TX on the 5th and 6th of March.  The subjects are, Introduction to Vertical Reference Long-Line and Train the Long-Line Trainer,  Short Haul HEC, (CAP) Congested Aria Planning and External Cargo Rigging.  Contact us or the HAI website should you have any questions. 

¡ANUNCIO! ¡Ahora disponible en Español! Ya se puede acceder a la versión en español del curso en tierra CBT (Computer Based Training – Capacitación basada en Computadora) sobre Eslinga Larga con Referencia Vertical. Haga click en “Cursos Online” o en “Online Courses”, que se encuentra en el menú superior, y siga las instrucciones.  

NEWS FLASH!  The AHT Vertical Reference Long Line ground school CBT online e-learning course is now available in English and Spanish.  This is an enhanced version of the course presented at the HAI.  Find this course by selecting "Online Courses" in the top ribbon menu on any page.